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Cepheus IC1396 - Dave Weixelman

Cepheus IC1396 - Dave Weixelman

Posted by Stellarvue on 21st Jun 2019

This beautiful and rich image was submitted to us by Dave Weixelman. Dave used his SV70T to "Own the Night." We are happy and proud to share this with everyone. Dave wrote: Here is an image of the large and sprawling nebulosity in Cepheus known as IC1396. The winding Elephant Trunk Nebula is right of center. Taken from the dark skies of Likely, CA on June 3-4. This site is also where the Stellarvue Dark Sky Star Party is held each year. This image was taken with my trusty SV70T at f/6 and consists of 250 min of H-alpha and 70 min each for Red, Green, and Blue filters. 

Image copyright Dave Weixelman