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Guidescope Rings

  • Stellarvue's TP013A Losmandy-style mounting rail.

    D rail - 13" (TP013A)

    This is the Stellarvue version of our standard Losmandy-style D plate. This "A" version has longer slotted openings and is thicker than the former version. This ensures that each ring is mounted with two screws and it allows the user to vary ring spacing...

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  • D rail - 9" Coming Soon!

    D rail - 9"

    Wide dovetail plate attaches directly to mounts using the wider Losmandy style plate (Losmandy, Celestron CGEM, CGE-PRO, etc).This 9" plate is highly recommended for all our telescopes, especially  for the larger ones. Plate has slotted holes to...

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  • R076LV Guidescope rings R076LV Guidescope rings

    R076LV Guidescope rings

      This is a set of two adjustable rings that are made to mount our F50 or F60 finder scopes onto a larger telescope for use as a finder and/or guide scope. Each ring has three stainless adjustment screws with nylon tips. Each ring is mounted to a...

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  • V rail - slotted - 10 1/2"

    V rail - slotted - 10 1/2"

      This is the dual slotted Vixen style rail used on the RB002V Riser Block System. The rail is about 10 1/2" long with two slots, one that is 5" long and one that is 2 1/4" long. This allows the rail to be used with the riser blocks, placing them...

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