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Rowan Alt-Az

az100-svx180t-k2-tripod.jpgStellarvue welcomes Rowan Alt-Azimuth mounts to our line of exceptional products!  For many years customers have been asking us to make another run our our large dual mounts, the M150. These mounts used heavy roller bearings but lacked slow motion controls and could not be motorized. In 2023 I was introduced to the Rowan AZ100 mount at our Dark Sky Star Party. It was being used with a 140 but the customer assured me it could handle a much larger payload. It was as smooth as butter and the slow motion controls worked exactly as they should. I purchased one and we used to to star test our flagship SVX180T refractors. The mount handled it fine. So now, we are introducing these mounts to our line-up for use with our 127 mm to 180 mm refractors. In the near future we will add tripods and adapters for a complete system. For now, you may purchase these beautifully-machined Rowan mounts directly from Stellarvue!