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building-svx.jpgStellarvue has been producing refractor telescopes since 1998. Our new SVX telescopes are made with optics we hand-figure at our shop here in Auburn, California. These are the finest and most accurate telescopes we have ever offered. When you purchase an SVX series refractor, it will come with its own Zygo interferometric test report taken at full aperture in our shop, documenting the accuracy of your individual objective. To learn more about what we do, watch the following video: Sky & Telescope's Dennis DiCicco visits Stellarvue.

  • Stellarvue's most economical 4" apo refractor, the SVX102D

    Stellarvue Doublet Apo SVX102D

    These are the most accurate 4 inch doublet apos we have ever made. These limited runs of our new SVX series doublets are made with super low-dispersion and lanthanum elements. Every objective is precisely figured in our optical shop until it reaches ...

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  • Stellarvue Doublet Apo SVX127D Stellarvue SVX127D Refractor

    Stellarvue Doublet Apo SVX127D

    Optics: These SVX series optics are rated at .99 - .996 Strehl with excellent optical correction of aberrations commonly seen in mass-produced optics. By bringing our optical figuring in-house, we have reduced spherical error, astigmatism, coma and...

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  • Stellarvue Triplet Apo SVX080T-3SV Stellarvue Triplet Apo SVX080T-3SV

    Stellarvue Triplet Apo SVX080T-3SV

    World Class Optics: The Stellarvue SVX080T features an 80 mm f-6 (480 mm focal length) fully multi-coated, 3-element objective lens with a super low dispersion center element. The SVX series apochromatic telescopes use objectives that have the highest...

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  • Stellarvue SVX090T Standard Version


    Introductory Price: Our current introductory price of this world class telescope is $2695 for the standard version. The imaging upgrade version is currently $400 and it includes $502 worth of accessories. In order to qualify for this limited...

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  • SVX102T Andromeda - Jeremy Parker


    The SVX102T is the aluminum tube version of our premier high-performance lightweight 4” f-7. (714mm focal length) air-spaced apo triplet refractor. This telescope has recently been reviewed by Tony Hallas in Astronomy Magazine and was also reviewed...

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  • SVX102T-R Raptor™ IC443 Jellyfish Nebula In Gemini - Ken Walker

    SVX102T-R Raptor™

    Top Rated: The SVX102T-R is the carbon Fiber tube version of our premier high-performance lightweight 4” f-7. (714mm focal length) air-spaced apo triplet refractor. This telescope has recently been reviewed by Tony Hallas in Astronomy...

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  • Stellarvue SVX130T Apo Triplet Refractor Witch-Head Nebula - Keith Lisk


    This is the latest version of our 130 mm apo triplet refractor. This model uses a unique lens design that provides excellent sphero-chromatic correction using a premier super low-dispersion center element and a very expensive Lanthanum...

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  • SVX130T-R Witch-Head Nebula - Keith Lisk

    SVX130T-R Raptor™

    Introducing our newest Raptor™.  Since 2011, Stellarvue has specified our highly accurate, carbon fiber refractors as Raptors. Now you can get a genuine Stellarvue Raptor™ in 130 mm! This is the latest version of our 130 mm apo triplet...

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  • SVX140T Stellarvue SVX140T MYT Mount


    Using all of the techniques we have developed in making our SVX series telescopes, we have shortened the focal length and integrated an air-spaced objective, which provides outstanding sphero-chromatic correction. This is a 140mm, f-6.7...

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  • SVX152T SVX152T


    Stellarvue's SVX152T is our most popular apochromatic refractor. Each optic is carefully figured to the highest optical accuracy. Interest in this telescope continues to grow. Over the past year we have trained several opticians to meet this increased...

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  • SVX180T


    Introducing Stellarvue's largest apochromatic refractor telescope, the SVX180T. This is a 180mm, f-7 apochromatic refractor made with an Ohara S-FPL-55 super-low-dispersion center element. This is a limited run of 50 telescopes. After three years of...

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