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building-svx.jpgStellarvue has been producing refractor telescopes since 1998. Our new SVX telescopes are made with optics we hand figure here in Auburn California. These are the finest and most accurate telescopes we have ever offered. When you purchase an SVX series refractor it will come with its own Zygo interferometric test report taken at full aperture in our shop, documenting the accuracy of your objective! To learn more about what we do watch Sky & Telescope's Dennis DiCicco visits Stellarvue.

  • Stellarvue's new SVX080T-25FT features a 2.5" rack and pinion, dual speed Feather Touch focuser. It simply does not get better than this! SVX080T-25FT


    Click here for our online manual SVX80T  This is the Stellarvue 80 mm f-6 apo triplet now made using a Starlight Instruments 2.5" dual speed, rack and pinion focuser, 2" and 1.25" adapters, two finderscope shoes, American machined cnc mounting...

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  • Stellarvue SVX080T-3SV The ultimate Imaging 80 Apo SVX080T-3SV


    SVX80T-3SV Operators Manual:  Click here for our online manual SVX80T-3SV  Click here for financing information. Premier Stellarvue Optics! It is well known that the Stellarvue 80 mm triplet is one of the highest rated 80 mm...

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    Stellarvue SVX080T-R Limited Edition - We have acquired more carbon fiber tubes and we are now offering them for the standard price of our aluminum tube 80 apo triplets. Get this free upgrade to carbon fiber while they last. Available only from...

    MSRP: $1,895.00
    Was: $1,895.00
    Now: $1,795.00
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  • Andromeda - Jeremy Parker


    SVX102T Operators Manual:  Click here for our online manual SVX102T The SVX102T is the aluminum tube version of our premier high performance, light weight 4” f-7. (714 mm focal length) air spaced apo triplet refractor. This...

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  • IC443 Jellyfish Nebula In Gemini - Ken Walker


    SVX102T-R Operators Manual: Click here for our online manual SVX102T-R Click here for financing information. The SVX102T-R is our premier high performance, light weight 4” f-7. (714 mm focal length) air spaced apo triplet refractor...

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  • Stellarvue FSV-35_detail


    SVX130T Operators Manual:  Click here for our online manual SVX130T This is the latest version of our 130 mm apo triplet refractor. Two important factors make this lens superior: 1. This model uses a unique lens design that provides...

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  • SVX140T


    Stellarvue's Newest SVX Refractor: This year Stellarvue is developing a 140 mm f-6.7 apo triplet refractor. Using all of the techniques we have developed in making our SVX series telescopes, we have shortened the focal length and because the objective is...

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  • SVX152T


    SVX152T Operator's Manual - Click here for our online manual: SVX152T This is Stellarvue's flagship telescope: a 152 mm f-8 Apochromatic Triplet Refractor. The high-Strehl FPL-53 Ohara triplet has a conventional front element, FPL-53 center...

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