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Stellar Shot of the Week: January 22, 2021
"The Heart Nebula" (IC1805/Sharpless 2-190) - by Randy Mohr

Congratulations to this week's StellarShot of the Week, which goes to Randy Mohr and his image of the Heart Nebula. This image is a fantastic example of the work that can be done with a one-shot color camera and the multi-band filters like Optolong's L-eNhance (which was used here). This image was taken from the relatively dark skies of Blue Canyon (California), which allows the narrowband imaging to produce even better results with a one-shot color camera (although they're still fantastic options for anyone imaging in bad light pollution). Randy's processing here does a great job of bringing out all of the dust in the region, and he's managed to get a great tone from this pseudo bi-color filter without exaggeration either the Oiii or Ha too much. Great job all around, and although Randy does not has an astrobin or social media account to follow, we are sure this isn't the last of his images we'll be sharing. Keep up the great work. Randy!

Make sure to submit your own images to us directly by email, or by tagging them with #stellarvue and #stellarshot

The technical details of the image are:
  • Imaging telescope: Stellarvue SVX102T
  • Imaging camera: ZWO ASI071MC-P Pro Colored Cooled Camera
  • Mount: Sky-watcher EQ6-R Pro
  • Filters: Optolong L-enhance
  • Other Accessories: Stellarvue SFFR.74 Field Flattener/Focal Reducer for the SVX102T