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Comet Neowise

Each year 50 Stellarvue owners gather under one of the darkest skies in the United States. This unique and wonderful spot is a remote resort in the Northeast corner of California known as Likely Place. This year, Stellarvue cancelled the event due to Covid-19. But Stellarvue owners are passionate when it comes to observing and imaging the sky. So 30 of the 50 attendees showed up anyway, set up with generous distance between each other and enjoyed some spectacular conditions with a naked eye comet appearing as icing on the cake. 

Frank Dibbell positioned himself next to one of the many small lakes at Likely Place to image the comet. This small lake is located next to our observing field. Frank used his Nikon D750 DSLR and took a stack of eight 30 second exposures with his 24 mm Rokinon f-2.8 lens  at ISO 3200. 

Next year the Dark Sky Star Party resumes and Stellarvue owners can sign up now to attend our annual, magical event.

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