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Sharpless SH2-115/Abell 71
Stellar Shot of the Week: September 27, 2022

Stellarshot SH2-115 Abell 71

Brian Orr took this spectacular image of SH2-115 and Abell 71.

Brian writes, "This massive but faint HII region is located about 7500 light years away in the constellation Cygnus and spans roughly 120 light years in width. The small blue object at the bottom is Abell 71 (or SH2-116) and was originally catalogued as a small planetary nebula, but has since been discovered to be just a round patch of hydrogen and oxygen emissions.I captured this image over four nights in August 2022 from my cloudy backyard in N.E. Ohio.


Stellarvue SVX130T
iOptron CEM70
Pegasus Astro Focus Cube 2
ZWO OAG-L/ASI290mini
Astronomik 6nm HA, Oiii, Sii, Filters
Astronomik Deep Sky RGB Filters
HA 90x300”
Oiii 45x300”
Sii  40x300”
R 20x60”
G 20x60”
B 20x60”
15.6 hours Total Integration
Captured and processed with NINA, PHD2, Astro Pixel Processor, Photoshop

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