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Stellarvue Videos


Stellarvue Telescopes Videos

Click on the following thumbnails that link to Stellarvue Telescopes YouTube channel.

dssp-panorama-thumbnail.jpgWatch the Milky Way glide across the telescope field at Stellarvue's Dark Sky Star Party (DSSP). This awesome panoramic video was shared with us by Tony Hallas. Tony also gave a presentation to this year's attendees during one of the evenings of our annual event. We hope you admire this video as much as we do.

2019 DSSP

h2h-worlds-greatest.jpgStellarvue was shown on national television as one of the world's greatest telescope companies. This is a short video that shows how we make world class objectives in our shop. See this one first! 

Video 1


Sky and telescope visits StellarvueDennis DiCicco of Sky and Telescope magazine visits Stellarvue in Auburn California for a more detailed look behind the scenes to see how Stellarvue prototypes an objective lens and how they grind, polish and optimize objectives. This is a longer 18 minute video that goes into greater depth than the one above. 

Video 2


 neaf-2016-sky-and-telescope.jpgSky&Telescope's Dennis DiCicco cought up with Stellarvue owner Vic Maris at 2016 NEAF.

Vic explains what is unique about their current telescope offerings. 

Video 3

vic-machinist-maris.jpg Vic cuts custom parts for Stellarvue's 3.5" focuser in our machine shop in Auburn, California. 

polishing-80mm-102mm.jpg Short video clip of 80-mm, and 102-mm lens elements for SVX telescopes in our optics shop located in Auburn, California.

 sv152t-lens-cell.jpg A finished steel 152-mm lens cell on our Haas VF2 CNC machine.