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Stellarvue Videos



Stellarvue Videos

 Stellarvue YouTube channel  Click the links below to view our videos or go to the Stellarvue Telescopes YouTube channel - don't forget to subscribe! 

Sky and telescope visits StellarvueDennis DiCicco of Sky & Telescope magazine visited Stellarvue in Auburn, CA for a more detailed look behind the scenes. Stellarvue president Vic Maris shared how Stellarvue prototypes an objective lens and how they grind, polish, and optimize objectives. 

Stellarvue Factory Tour


Here's another In the Sky video for the month of May. As always, Bob MacArthur breaks down all that the night sky has to offer this month. Watch his video so you can learn how to see each of these things yourself or with those around you. If you make good use of the tips he gives, make sure to share your experiences in our "In the Sky" thread, on our user's forum. Good luck out there. 

In the Sky - May 2024




cleaning-eyepieces.jpgCleaning your eyepieces: This video can save you a lot of heartache by showing the Stellarvue-approved method of cleaning eyepieces. Take a few minutes to watch this video, and you will be able to maintain your eyepieces in "like new" condition. "Remember this, first do no harm..." Watching this video will certainly do you no harm: Eyepiece Cleaning and Maintenance


 Tripod set-up: This video demonstrates quick tripod set-up. Our Denali tripod is the perfect match for our M002C mount (see below). 

 Stellarvue Denali Tripod

sv-m002c-thumbnail.jpg M002C Alt Az mount head: We decided to produce both this video and our tripod set-up demo at the same time, as the smooth and stable M002C is perfectly matched to our Denali tripod!

Stellarvue M002C Mount


h2h-worlds-greatest.jpgStellarvue was shown on national television as one of the world's greatest telescope companies. This is a short video that shows how we make world class objectives in our shop. 



 neaf-2016-sky-and-telescope.jpgSky & Telescope's Dennis DiCicco caught up with Stellarvue president Vic Maris at 2016 NEAF.

Vic explains what is unique about their current telescope offerings. 

Video from Neaf