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Barlows to double the power of your eyepieces

These Barlows boost the magnification of your current eyepieces. Effectively double your eyepiece assortment! 

  • Access Series 2X Shorty Barlow

    This Access Series 2X 1.25" shorty Barlow lens is a very good, low priced import Barlow. The insert tube has a safety groove. The eyepiece receptacle uses a 3 mm thumb screw (no compression ring). This low cost Barlow is fully multi-coated,...

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  • Stellarvue E1002 2X Shorty Barlow

    This is our standard 2X 1.25" Barlow lens with extreme broadband full multi-coatings and American machined parts. The black anodized insert tube has a safety groove and the black anodized eyepiece receptacle uses a brass compression ring...

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