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82 Degree Ultra Wide Angle Eyepieces

  • CW-1 Counterweight System CW-1 Counterweight System

    CW-1 Counterweight System

    This counterweight system is used to quickly adjust balance on smaller telescopes when eyepieces of different weights used. It eliminates the need to rebalance the telescope. The stainless steel counterweight itself is one pound and 13 ounces in...

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  • Stellarvue EUW 28.0

    Stellarvue EUW 28.0

    This 2 inch eyepiece is our widest field in the 82 degree range. Fully-multi-coated lenses, rubber grip, 43 mm field lens and 2" filter threads. At under $200 this eyepiece is a great way to get those wide views at a reasonable price. 

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