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  • SB070 - Focuser Adapter for SV70T

    This threaded adapter attaches to the rear of the SV070T refractor and has an M88.5X1 thread for attaching other 2.5" focusers on it. Use this ring for mounting our FSVF25 focuser or the Feather Touch 2.5" focuser that has the threaded M88.5X1...

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  • Import 2.5" focuser

    2.5" Dual-Speed Focuser

    F-SV25B 2.5” Dual Speed, Fully Rotating, Rack and Pinion Focuser Featuring about 95 mm of travel, this import focuser is a precise dual speed unit that is threaded for our field flatteners that have an M63 attachment thread. To get to this thread...

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