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50 mm Optical Finderscopes

  • R050 Low Profile Rings with lightweight FB shoe

    50 - 60 mm Finder Scope Rings

    We offer both low profile and high profile finder scope rings that fit a large variety of telescopes. Our rings use rails that are the most common in the industry with a dovetail shape for easy quick connect and disconnect. Choose the configuration you...

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  • 9x50 Finder Scope - Black 9x50 Finder Scope - Black

    9x50 Finder Scope - Black

    Stellarvue’s newest version of our correct image, top-rated 50 mm Optical Finder Scope in Matte Black. Now with carbon fiber sided correct image erecting prism and Stellarvue logo.  This finder scope is the lightest 50 mm on the market. It...

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  • Stellarvue Top Rated F050 IW finder scope Stellarvue F050IW2 R050DA

    9x50 Finder Scope - White

    The F050IW2 is Stellarvue’s newest version of our top-rated 50mm optical finderscope in instrument white. It matches the powder-coated finish on our current premier telescopes with aluminum tubes, and now comes with a carbon-fiber-sided correct...

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