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    Limited Run SVA130EDT Apo Triplet Refractor


    This is a very short run of our 130 mm apo triplet refractor using FK-61, an extra-low dispersion glass that is an equivalent to Ohara FPL-51. These objectives are hand figured in our shop to .95 Strehl. We limited the amount of time we spend on these to...

    Was: $3,495.00
    Now: $2,695.00
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    Stellarvue SVX130T Apo Triplet Refractor Witch-Head Nebula - Keith Lisk


    This is the latest version of our 130 mm apo triplet refractor. This model uses a lens design that provides excellent correction for imaging using a premier super low-dispersion center element and a very expensive Lanthanum rear element...

    Was: $5,995.00
    Now: $4,995.00
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    SVX130T-R Witch-Head Nebula - Keith Lisk

    SVX130T-R Raptor™

    Introducing our newest Raptor™.  Since 2011, Stellarvue has specified our highly accurate, carbon fiber refractors as Raptors. Now you can get a genuine Stellarvue Raptor™ in 130 mm! This model uses a lens design that provides...

    Was: $6,295.00
    Now: $5,295.00
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