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60 mm Optical Finderscopes

  • 1. Stellarvue 10x60 Finder scope

    1. Stellarvue 10x60 Finder scope

    Get more reach with this small, lightweight finder scope! It includes all the features of the F050-2 series, but with a larger objective. This finder scope gathers 30% more light than the 50 mm finder thanks to its 60 mm f-3.75, fully multi-coated...

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  • 2. Stellarvue 10x60 Straight Through Finder Scope

    2. Stellarvue 10x60 Straight Through Finder Scope

    This is a straight-through version of the F060M2. Now you can use a finder scope in conjunction with auto guiders or mount a Nagler 22 to the telescope for stunning wide-field views. This finder provides a straight-through inverted image only; it will...

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  • R050 Low Profile Rings with lightweight FB shoe

    50 - 60 mm Finder Scope Rings

    We offer both low profile and high profile finder scope rings that fit a large variety of telescopes. Our rings use rails that are the most common in the industry with a dovetail shape for easy quick connect and disconnect. Choose the configuration you...

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