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  • C130L Case for Stellarvue 130mm refractors

    C130L Case for Stellarvue 130mm refractors

     This case comes standard with the SVX130T and the SVX140T. It is made of the same heavy duty construction as our other thickly padded travel cases. Outside dimensions are 39" X 10 1/2" X 10 1/2". Inside dimensions are 36" X 8" X 8".  Please...

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  • C20 Case for Stellarvue 70-80mm Refractors C20 Case for Stellarvue 70-80mm Refractors

    C20 Case for Stellarvue 70-80mm Refractors

      This is our most used telescope case, it fits our SV070T, SV080ST, and the SV080Access. It is smaller than our C19 case which can be used for all the same telescopes. Outside dimensions are 22" x 9.5" X 7.5" and inside dimensions are 19...

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  • Stellarvue C9S Telescope Case

    C9S Case for Stellarvue 102-115mm Refractors

      Heavy duty, nylon, reinforced refractor case for our 102 mm - 115 mm telescopes. These cases are often purchased for other telescopes and equipment since they are lightweight and durable. Outside dimensions: 32” X 9 1/2” X 9...

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  • CA Padded Eyepiece Case

    CA Padded Eyepiece Case

    This is the heavy duty, airline carry-on size case for our Optimus eyepieces and other accessories. The case will hold five Optimus eyepieces, including the larger 20 mm and 13.5 mm units, two additional 1.25" eyepieces, our 2" D1040Q Quartz Star...

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    CT Padded Case zipped closed CT Large Case

    CT Large Case

    This oversized, heavy duty, nylon, reinforced case has many uses for telescopes camera, electronics and other accessories all attached and ready to go! Outside dimensions: 38” X 15” X 13”. Inside dimensions: 34 1/2” X...

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    Now: $129.00
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