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The Great Eclipse Contest 2024

The Great American Eclipse Contest 2024
Win a Stellarvue SVX Refractor

drwclouds-c.jpgThe April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse took place under very strange weather conditions. Nonetheless, many Stellarvue owners travelled to the centerline to brave the clouds and try to capture totality. 

One Stellarvue owner, Henry Westridge, captured the wonderful image to the left showing the diamond ring through the clouds immediately before totality.

Stellarvue is hosting a total solar eclipse contest for those who imaged the event with their Stellarvue Refractor*. The person who submits the winning picture of this total solar eclipse will receive their choice of one of the following prizes:

  • A Stellarvue SVX080T-3SV imaging refractor valued at $2472.
  • A $2472 discount to be taken off the purchase price of one of the following Stellarvue SVX telescopes: SVX140TSVX152TSVX180T.
  • A check for $500 paid in US funds. 

Submit your best image to, where it will be judged by experienced imagers, alongside the rest of the contestants' images. The deadline for photographic submissions is Tuesday, April 30th. We will select the winner the first week of May. The winner may choose which prize they want. If the SVX080T telescope or check is chosen, it will be sent in May. If a discount is selected, the customer needs to complete the discounted purchase of the telescope by May 10, 2024. The winner will be announced in May once the prize selection is made. When submitting images, the following permission must be provided:

"I grant Stellarvue Inc. permission to use the attached image(s) online, in publications and as part of any Stellarvue videos."

The email header should read "2024 Eclipse Contest Submission".  Submit images in JPG or PNG format with a resolution of at least 1800 X 1440 px. This contest is open to anyone imaging the solar eclipse using a Stellarvue Refractor. Please include what equipment was used including telescope, field flattener, camera, filter and exposure. Our committee will select what we consider to be the best submitted image. 

Summary of Requirements

1. Email the image to by April 30, 2024. Images submitted after this date will not be considered.

2. In the email include: "I grant Stellarvue Inc. permission to use the attached image(s) online, in publications and as part of any Stellarvue videos"

3. Images must be taken with a Stellarvue refractor*.

4. Include the Stellarvue telescope model the image was taken with along with the field flattener, camera, filters (if any) and mount. Include exposure and other data if you have it. 

5. We will notify the winner the first week of May. The winner has one week to decide which prize they want to receive. If the winner selects a discount toward a telescope purchase, the purchase must be completed before December 15, 2024 otherwise $500 will be awarded as the prize.

*Images must be a still image taken with a Stellarvue refractor. This contest is for a still image as opposed to a video. No other brand telescope should be part of the image creation process. 

We hope you enjoyed the eclipse!

This contest is void where prohibited by law. No purchase is required and there is no cost to enter. This contest is offered to Stellarvue users residing in the United States of America and Canada. Only one prize will be awarded. Based on prior contests, we roughly estimate that between 10 and 200 people will submit images giving the odds of between 1 in 10 and 1 in 200.