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Red Dot Finder

This is the original plastic red dot finder with the larger window. This is the easiest finder to use. 

  • F001 Finder

    F001 Finder

    If you're looking for an inexpensive red dot finder, then look no further. The Stellarvue F001 Red Dot Reflex Finder Sight is a simple, lightweight plastic finder using a 1.25" clear viewing frame. This 1.25" window offers a non-magnified view of the...

  • Finder Bases for the F001 Red Dot Finder

    Finder Bases for the F001 Red Dot Finder

    These bases to attach F001 Red Dot Finder to various telescopes. Choose the selection above that works for your telescope.  Mounting to a curved surface: Select the F001 B above. It uses double stick tape to easy installation. These...

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