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SVX130T-R - Sh 2-275

SVX130T-R - Sh 2-275

Posted by Scott MacKenzie on 2nd Apr 2024

Scott MacKenzie captured this fabulous shot of the Rosette Nebula (Sh 2-275) in Monoceros with his SVX130T-Raptor. This emission nebula lies about 5,000 light-years away from Earth and is roughly 130 light-years in diameter. The atoms in the nebula are excited by radiation from young stars, causing them to emit radiation, producing the nebula itself. Its mass is estimated to be around 10,000 solar masses. 

According to Scott: "I finally got some clear sky, albeit for only a couple hours, and rated "Below Average" to "Poor" in my Bortle 8 suburban neighborhood near Chicago."

"I imaged the following two shots, about 90 minutes each. The Rosette nebula used an Optilong L Extreme, the Leo Triplet through a Baader LP filter. The camera is an ASI6200mc. I use a SkyWatcher EQ6 R Pro mount."

"Both images were processed using Pixinsight, Narrowband Normalizer, SX, NX, BX. The Rosette used 180s exposures, The Triplet used 60s exposures. They both still need some work, but I was pretty excited to finally get a chance to use the 'scope."

Telescope: Stellarvue SVX130T-R

Filter: Baader LP

Camera: ASI6200mc

Mount: SkyWatcher EQ6 R Pro

References: Wikipedia contributors. (2024, February 9). Rosette Nebula. Wikipedia.