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DSSP 2020


This stunning image was taken at the Stellarvue Dark Sky Star Party in 2019 by Tony Hallas. It shows the Milky Way from Scorpius to Andromeda and the telescope field where 50 Stellarvue owners get to see the night sky as it should be seen!  Stellarvue hosts the Dark Sky Star Party (DSSP) in Likely California during the new moon week in either late June or early July. This is the best time to observe here. Watch as the Milky Way glides over the telescope field.

This star party IS NOT open to the public, it is a private event offered as a benefit of ownership only to Stellarvue owners. Each year 50 Stellarvue owners get to camp under magnitude 8 skies and either image, view and/or attend our various activities and programs. Just walking under the Milky Way which extends from horizon to horizon is simply stunning. 

2020 DSSP takes place July 16 - 19, 2020. There are two bonus nights, one on Wednesday the 15th and the other on Sunday night, the 19th, checking out on Monday the 20th. This second bonus night is important for those who rent trailers or motorhomes since the rental places are not open on Sundays.

This is once again sure to be a sold-out event, and we’ll be keeping six spaces spaces open this year for first-timers. DSSP is always a reminder of how lucky we are to have the quality of customers we do. We’re glad we can come together as a group to share, and appreciate our common interests and love for what we do and strive for. We believe Stellarvue is special, and judging by the passion our customers have for what we build, it must be true.

DSSP Hightlights Include:

• Three catered dinners on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
4-6 nights under the darkest skies!
• Electrical hookups on the telescope field
• Presentations by imagers and other experts
• Movie Night under the tent
• Blue Lake Kayak Adventure

DSSP Pricing (same as 2019):

Full Hookup Site: $449.  Extra persons $249 each.
Tent Sites: $299.  Extra Persons $249 each.
Bonus Night 1 Wednesday No dinner. $50 for full hookup site, $25 for tent site.
Bonus Night 2 Sunday No dinner but BBQ hamburgers will be available. $50 for full hookup site, $25 for tent site.

If you are a Stellarvue owner and you want to attend notify Vic Maris at This event is filling fast as it usually does. Payment in full is required to register and all participants must sign a liability waiver. What else is new? 

This will be our 11th year of fun, inspiring views and camaraderie. Join us for the fun!  

Here we are at DSSP 2019:


We are often asked – Why do you hold your Dark Sky Star Party (DSSP) up in Likely California?

The answer is simple really – A location needs three things to be truly dark: no air pollution, no light pollution, and an altitude high enough to be mostly free of naturally occurring aerosols (mainly dust, humidity, and volcanic ash). The Modoc Plateau has all three. Likely sits atop the Modoc Plateau.

"I rate it as one of California's undiscovered gems and, more importantly, one of the darkest places in the United States."
- Tony Hallas in Astronomy Magazine, April 2012

The 2019 DSSP took place during the Independence holiday weekend. Although taking place the first week of July, we got lucky as it was cooler than expected. Another thing new this year was hold spots open for new customers who had never participated before. Since DSSP is a customer benefit of Stellarvue, only accommodating 50 people each year, we felt it important to bring in “newbies.” We now know it was truly the right thing to do, and there was a good blend of folks who all shared our love for the night sky. Our thanks go out to the veterans for welcoming the new people, and stepping up and pitching in to help things flow as usual. Also, thanks to the new folks for joining right in and contributing the way you did.


 Images taken during DSSP 2019: M27 - Lee & Janice DeCovnick, Trifid Nebula - Steve Clark, and M16 - Anders Hansson.


Many of us had a strong feeling that something was just behind us...or overhead...but we struck a pose anyway as we do every year at DSSP. A great time was had by all! that Bigfoot behind Vic?

The Starlight Lounge is where we hang out every late afternoon. We then walk to the cafe for dinner (Thurs - Saturday) at 6PM.



Left: Having fun at dinner, even the photo-bomber.    Center: Cutest couple. They win every year!    Right: Starlight Lounge were friendships are made.  


 The telescope field is covered with grass (no cowpies), is sprayed by the resort for mosquitoes (it almost works) and the resort has astronomer-friendly, IDA approved lighting. This year we had more telescopes on the field than in years past. 




Milky Way over 2019 DSSP by Brian Poole

Beautifully cropped shot of the Milky Way with telescope field below (copyright Brian Poole). This was Brian's first time at our Dark Sky Star Party and we hope he'll return for many more.