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everest-myt-152-400.jpgOver the past several years Stellarvue has developed facilities, equipment, and processes to make virtually perfect optics in house. Our premier line of SVX telescopes are the best refractors we have ever made and the best we can make. Telescopes with optics this good requires an enormous amount of time. We can spend more than a month getting an apo triplet lens to .98-997 Strehl or higher. We think this is time well spent. 

During this same time period, Stellarvue developed the Access series of telescopes for beginners. Unlike our Premier refractors with hand figured optics, the Access series were entirely imported but checked here at Stellarvue for mechanical stability and alignment. The idea behind the Access line was to get people started on the right foot with the opportunity to upgrade as their interest grew to a truly premier telescope. 

stellarvue-s-t-in-shop-mp4-moment-crop.jpgMaking world class refractors is time consuming. We can spend over a month hand figuring surfaces to get a particular objective to the highest optical rating. Our customers recognize this and have been patient. On the other hand, the Access series of import telescopes have not been nearly as successful as our premier line. Because of this we have made the decision to discontinue the Access imports and focus entirely on what we do best, handcrafting the finest telescopes we can. 

This will save us enough time to add new premier instruments to our line. For example, we plan to add new apo triplets, large photographic field flatteners and an American made dual FPL-53 quad astrograph. 

We are committed to our mission, and will continue to work on the things to make it possible. The mission of Stellarvue is to inspire a healthy interest in science and astronomy by handcrafting the finest telescopes on the planet.

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