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Stellarvue 60 mm Apo


Stellarvue 60 mm Apo

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Product Description

This is our smallest refractor. At the heart of this little telescope is a super sharp 60 mm f-5.5 apochromatic doublet objective using Ohara FPL-53 optical glass. It can be used visually as an ultra-portable daytime and nighttime telescope with its high contrast, excellently corrected objective and 2" rack and pinion, dual speed focuser. Drop it in your suitcase and take it everywhere you go! Just attach it to a camera tripod, add your diagonal and eyepieces and you are up and running!

The telescope will work in taking extremely wide field images of the night sky using the SFF60 field flattener. For daytime photography, use the telescope, the flattener and a t-ring to create a super sharp 330 mm f-5.5 telephoto. Images will be on par with telephoto lenses costing as much or more than the telescope/flattener combination. Beautiful astro-photos are possible with excellent color correction, requiring only minimal cropping. The 330 mm focal length will provide very wide field images.

To give you some idea of the capability, the images below were taken by Jon Talbot using the SV60EDS, our dedicated flattener and his Canon 60D DSLR. 

Mounting this telescope atop your larger refractor will mean you have the most impressive photographic guide scope/finderscope. But since it is a telescope in its own right it will reveal amazing high contrast, wide field views of the night sky.

The SV60EDS has a lightweight aluminum tube and dew shield. It weighs only 3 pounds. It comes with a 2” rack and pinion focuser with a 1.25” compression ring adapter. The focuser is fully rotating with a collet that identical in design to our renown 2.5” focuser rotator. The tube is machined in two parts. Insert a 2" star diagonal or erecting prism into the telescope to make it a short, lightweight visual telescope that will fit easily in any briefcase! Add the threaded extension tube and our optional field flattener to convert this telescope into a sharp 330 f-5.5 wide field astrograph. Comes with a hinged clamshell ring with removable Vixen type mounting base and finderscope dovetail finder shoe. The included foam lined soft case holds the telescope as well as your diagonal and several eyepieces. Just add a camera tripod and you are ready to go!


OBJECTIVE LENS:  Stellarvue 60 mm f-5.5 (330 mm focal length) apochromatic doublet using an Ohara FPL-53 elment

TUBE:  Aluminum tube and dewshield powdercoated Instrument White with black anodized fittings

DIMENSIONS: Tube is 70 mm diameter. Dew Shield is 3 1/8" diameter. Telescope is 8.5" long when dew shield is retracted and focuser racked in. Telescope is 9.5" long when dew shield is extended. A 1.5" threaded extension is included for use with imaging cameras. It threads between the focuser and main tube. 

WEIGHT:  OTA is only 2.5 pounds!  OTA with clamshell, included mini rail, 1.25" adapter and caps is 3.8 pounds.

FOCUSER:  A completely new Stellarvue focuser based on our popular and highly successful 2.5" focuser. This is a smooth and stable 2" rack and pinion focuser with dual speed mechanism, full focuser rotation and 1.25" compression ring adapter. Focuser extends 59 mm and has a micrometer scale on the drawtube. The lifting capacity exceeds that of import Crayford focusers and the stainless parts are hardened and durable. 

DIAGONAL:  Optional. Please note, you can purchase our 2" diagonal upgrade for only $139 above. The upgrade diagonal is the same as the D1029ED deluxe dielectric diagonal but it does not come with the FA2 adapter since the telescope already has one. 

RINGS:  Telescope comes with a single aluminum clamshell with easy-one-touch knob for quick balance. Clamshell has a small Vixen rail mounted underneath and it has a center 1/4-20 screw for direct mounting to camera tripods. The Clamshell has a finderscope shoe.

CASE:  Foam lined padded C60 airline carry on case. The case holds the telescope and has separate compartments for holding the 1.5" extension tube, star diagonal, three eyepieces or two eyepieces and a field flattener. Case dimensions are 18" X 11" X 6". 

PHOTOGRAPHIC FIELD FLATTENER: Optional SFF60. Field flattener threads onto the 2" focuser and has an 42 mm thread on the back. Allows direct mounting to DSLR cameras using the 42 mm t-ring. Use the included extension when using the telescope for photography. For CCD cameras with different backfocus, adapters are available.

ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES:  The SV60EDS works great on camera and tripods and mounts with small Vixen shoes. For mounts that have longer shoes, use the TP60 adapter to position the telescope 35 mm higher on the mount. This adapter may be used with the existing mini rail. In order to achieve more precise balance, use a TP14 in conjunction with the TP60. 

The images below were taken by Jon Talbot. They illustrate what you can expect from the SV60EDS, the SFF60 field flattener and an standard DSLR or CCD camera with 8300 chip. 




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