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Moon Filter
Blocks 70 percent of the light to  eliminate severe night blindness and make the view easier. 1.25"  size




1 1/4" Color Matched Chromatic Aberration Filter
For telescopes with very minimal false color. 1.25" size. Made with  precisely flat optical glass coated with hard, multi-layer coatings  in the USA. Now available.           

#XCLR1 - $59




Televue 1.25" Oxygen III filter

This allows the light from the planetary and emission nebulae to pass through while blocking rest rest of the  spectrum. This brings out these faint nebulae in stark contrast. Threads directly to our D1031ED 1.25” diagonal.




Televue 2" Oxygen III filter

Same as above but in a 2” size. Threads directly to our 2” D1029ED diagonal.



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