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Upgrade to the Best


As a benefit of ownership, our customers can now trade up to a world-class, hand figured, SVX refractor. 
This new program allows you to effortlessly upgrade your used Stellarvue to one of our new, world-class SVX refractors!. When your used Stellarvue is sold by us it is cleaned, aligned and certified to meet our standards. We sell it for you with a 30 day money back guarantee and 2 year warranty. This results in us getting more for your telescope which means you get more when trading up! It is also pretty effortless! 

Why are we doing this?
Stellarvue is now creating SVX optics that we hand figure in our optical shop in Auburn, California. These are the most accurate refractor optics in the field. This process entailed a three year effort and the purchase of more than a million dollars worth of equipment. Our loyal customers supported us as we evolved. If not for our customers, this process would never have been developed. In recognition of this, our new certified pre-owned program is our way of giving back to our supporters by allowing them to effortlessly upgrade their equipment to the very best. Our friends deserve nothing less. 

What do I do to trade up?

Call us at (530) 823-7796 or email us at to let us know you want to participate in a trade up. We discuss what we think it will sell for. If it sounds like what you want to do, we give you a return authorization number.

2. You carefully pack your telescope up and send it to us insured with the return authorization number written on the box. 
3. We contact you when the telescope arrives and we confirm condition and pricing. 
4. Stellarvue will clean, align, certify the telescope as a Certified Pre-owned Telescope (CPO). It will be sold with our standard 30-day money back guarantee and 2-year warranty. 30 days after the your used telescope sells, you will get 100% of the sale price toward the purchase of a new SVX refractor. 

There are two options you have in getting your new telescope 
A. Wait until your telescope sells as a CPO, then 30 days after the sale buy the SVX refractor with the CPO sale price deducted from the purchase price or 
B. Buy the SVX telescope now and 30 days after we sell the CPO we will reimburse you for the sale price 

Stellarvue Family 
Stellarvue customers like yourself are part of an ownership community like no other in the industry, proud, loyal, and passionate. We like to refer to this community as our Stellarvue family.

2019-eclipse-chile.jpgWe realize this is not your only option to sell your beloved telescope, there are many. What you're choosing to do by participating in our CPO process is helping the next generation of the Stellarvue family. Your former telescope's new owner will get all the benefits of our full 2-year warranty because you wanted to ensure it's performance will be as good as it ever was, guaranteed.

New to Stellarvue? 
For new Stellarvue customers, our CPO telescopes are a great opportunity to purchase a high quality used telescope with full 2-year warranty at a reduced cost. Trust us when we say they don't last long once listed here as “Stellarvue Certified Pre-Owned.” Check back here often as these trade-ins become available. They will often sell within a day, sometimes within hours. 

Click here to see what's currently available.