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Upgrade To The Best



Upgrading your used Stellarvue for a larger one.  

Our Certified Pre-owned (CPO) program allows you to effortlessly upgrade your used Stellarvue to one of our new, world-class SVX refractors! When your used Stellarvue telescope is sold by us, it is cleaned, aligned, and guaranteed to meet our standards. We sell it for you with a 30-day, money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty. We do this all for a 30% consignment fee with the understanding that the funds must be used to purchase a new SVX refractor.  

What this program is and what it isn't:
This is a trade-up program specifically developed to allow customers to trade in certain former model Stellarvue telescopes for a new SVX refractor or to upgrade your SVX telescope to a larger SVX telescope. This program is not for trading for a used (CPO) telescope, a blem or for any discounted telescope. The telescope you are buying in this trade must be listed specifically and only on our Telescopes page. To qualify, you must be trading in a Stellarvue for a new Stellarvue SVX refractor (102 mm or larger).  

If you are interested:
Contact us at or call us Monday - Friday, 9 - 4:30 Pacific time. 

New to Stellarvue? 
For new Stellarvue customers, our CPO telescopes are a great opportunity to purchase a high-quality used telescope with a full 2-year warranty at a reduced cost. Trust us when we say they don't last long once listed here as “Stellarvue Certified Pre-Owned”! Check back often as these trade-ins become available. Better still, get on the CPO Notification List.