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The 2013 Stellarvue Dark Sky Star Party was one of the best ever. Each night afforded clear, dark skies, great company and a facility that left little to be desired.

The site is the Likely Place Resort which features campsites with full hookups, a large telescope field with some pads, wired for electricity, a wonderful 18 hole golf course and a small Villa for the first three people who do not want to camp. full hook-up sites with electricity. Participants either RV camped or camped in the large observing field in their tents. Participants could eat breakfast and lunch at the small cafe on site and we catered dinners. So everyone could camp without cooking!

Next years program will be held June 26 - 29th, checking out on Sunday June 29th. We will have a Bonus Night on Sunday the 29th for those who prefer to leave on Monday. Those renting RVs from Reno will prefer this option. This event is now booked. If you want to get on the standby list (in the case of cancellation) call us.


Milkyway over likelyTalbot dssp2013 800

800 group

400 SV7 Vic

400 Buddy

DSSP gave us the opportunity to show off our largest apo triplet ever, the SV7 which was made by special order for one of our best customers. He graciously let everyone view through it during the entire event. Views were stunning!

DSSP 2014 will be remembered as our July 4th Stellarvue Dark Sky Experience. Buddy the Wonder Dog flew his patriotic colors.

400 Starlight Lounge

The Starlight Lounge, open for business. We set up some easy ups and everyone has happy hour here just before dinner each night. It is a great place to socialize.

People bring their drinks to the lounge. Below we see Steph with her blended “Stellarblue Martini”.  Although in this shot it looks Forest Green. Preston must be near by.

Most us us refrain from alcohol during the event unless it is cloudy. But we had great weather this year and the sky provided all the inspiration most of us needed. The SV group is always an eclectic gathering of people sharing the same wonder and facination when it comes to the universe.

400 sl

400 SL hangin out 

400 Harry Grill Master

400 grill

Bonus night was awesome. 35 of the 42 participants showed up for the extra night and Harry served as grill master. The BBQ area on the hilltop afforded a spectacular view of the Warner Mountains. Everyone was given 4th of July Headbands that keep one’s head cool in the warm summer sun.

400 warners

400 bonus night 2

400 bn

400 bbq tony and sadie

300 caroline


300 civilian

With the Bonus Night BBQ over, it was time to finish setting up equipment.

400 telescope field

400 hilltop

Most people set up in the telescope field. This year Likely Place added six concrete pads to the field and they are now installing electricity!

The veteran imagers and other set up on the hill above the Telescope Field. Here they could do wide field imaging of the entire night sky.

M16 400


M16 Eagle Nebula taken at DSSP by Harry Horlings
and his SVR105 Apo Triplet.

Region around the Cat’s Paw Nebula by Anders Hannson

400 dave

400 troy

Dave imaged with his SV80ST2

Troy never goes anywhere without his Stellarblue 115

400 inge's 165

400 brad 105

Inge Fine’s venerable 165 was on hand. The second largest Stellarvue telescope there!

Brad took delivery of his complete 105 system. Visual and photographic results were wonderful as expected.

400 alien craft 1

preston glowing

One night a UFO appeared on the field and hovered about.

Then a figure resembling Preston entered the field, glowing. There was an erie glow all about him.

The dinners were catered. We had themes for each dinner, South of the Border Night, Alien Night and Cowboy Night. While it is not necessary, many like to dress for the occasion.

400 dinner

400 Shad and Steph

400 three amigos

400 cowboys

3 amigos

400 auntie em

So this is some of the fun we have during Stellartrips. It is hard to explain unless you attend. But a good time is had by all.

Even Auntie Em made an appearance.

A Hallas Fisheye from Hill 800


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