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SVX180T - M15

SVX180T - M15

Posted by Nicola Beltraminelli on 1st Nov 2023

Nicola Beltraminelli captured this amazing shot of the "Heart Nebula" (Melotte 15) in Perseus using his SVX180T. Located in the constellation Cassiopeia, this emission nebula is 7,500 lightyears away from Earth and has a diameter of 200 lightyears. Displayed within are darker dust lanes and glowing hydrogen gas.

Melotte 15 in HS-HSO with RGB stars


  • Chroma Blue 50 mm
  • Chroma Green 50 mm
  • Chroma H-alpha 3nm Bandpass 50 mm
  • Chroma OIII 3nm Bandpass 50 mm
  • Chroma Red 50 mm
  • Chroma SII 3nm Bandpass 50 mm

For more details and an in depth look at this image, the following link will take you to AstroBin: Melotte 15 in HS-HSO with RGB stars ( Nicola Beltraminelli ) - AstroBin

*On 10/31/23 this shot was awarded Image of the Day on Astrobin.