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Total Lunar Eclipse 20-21 January 2019

Total Lunar Eclipse 20-21 January 2019

Posted by Stellarvue on 22nd Jan 2019

This awesome mosaic shows the complete eclipse cycle, shared by Jon Talbot. He wrote: "Here is another eclipse image or mosaic of images taken with a SV80S and Canon 5D mounted on a AstroTrac in my backyard. The Mosaic shows the beginning, mid phase, full, back to mid phase and ending."

Image copyright Jonathon Talbot

We want to share another mosaic of the event by Dennis Sprinkle. Really cool seeing both versions, don't you think? Image copyright Dennis Sprinkle photography.

Nico Carver shares his image using his SVQ86. He describes the evening:

"A cold and very windy night. I was observing the eclipse through binoculars, and it was very beautiful. In processing, I tried to mimic the color and intensity of the eclipsed moon vs. the background stars that I was seeing through the binoculars the other night. The stars and moon were processed separately and then recombined, but from the same forty 1-sec. frames." Image copyright Nico Carver