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Stellar Shot of the Week 06/08/2017

Posted by Stellarvue on 8th Jun 2017

NGC 6914 in Cygnus by Dave Weixelman

Dave Weixelman captured this image of NGC 6914 in Cygnus using his Stellarvue SV70T refractor, TeleVue .8x reducer/flattener, QSI 660 WSG camera and Astrodon filters on his Takahashi Em11 Temma2M mount.

Dave says this is an... "Image of the blue reflection nebula NGC6914 (center) and surrounding emission nebulosity in Cygnus.  Taken the night of May 20-21 with the SV70T scope and a QSI 660WSG camera on a Takahashi EM11 Temma 2M mount.  Exposures were 6 X 10 minutes each for Ha and luminosity, 6 X 10 each for RGB all binned 1X1.  NGC 6914 lies 6,000 light-years away and is a region in which one can see all three classes of nebulae, red emission, blue reflection, and dark obscuring nebulae."

Image by Dave Weixelman. Original can be seen here:


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