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NGC 6888: "A fish in the Ocean" - Glenn Diekmann

NGC 6888: "A fish in the Ocean" - Glenn Diekmann

Posted by Stellarvue on 23rd Aug 2019

This week's StellarShot is NGC 6888 by Glenn Diekmann. To "Own the Night" Glenn used his SV70T, which he describes as "a great little scope." He also titles this image "A fish in the ocean." We are greatful Glenn has shared this with us and hope you enjoy his work. Glenn writes this about the image:

"This image reminds me of a fish (or a jellyfish) swimming among kelp fronds in the ocean. Can you see it? I used the RGB master as the foundation and then blended in the Ha and OIII data in PixInsight using PixelMath. One of my goals was to keep the stars natural looking. I used Ha at about 40% strength for the luminance channel. I found that this gave a three-dimensional look to the larger surrounding nebula".

Thanks for sharing with us Glenn, we hope you'll continue to show us your work.

NGC 6888: "A fish in the ocean" image copyright Glenn Diekmann

Imaging telescope or lens: Stellarvue SV70T
Imaging camera: ZWO ASI1600MM-C
Mount: Astro-Physics Mach1 GTO CP4
Guiding telescope or lens: Stellarvue SV70T
Guiding camera: ZWO ASI174MM Mini
Focal reducer: Stellarvue SFFR-70APO
Software: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Starkeeper Software Voyager, PHD2, Pleiades Astrophoto, S.L. PixInsight 1.8
Accessory: Starlight Instruments Focus Boss II

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