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IC 1848 Soul Nebula - Charles Lillo

IC 1848 Soul Nebula - Charles Lillo

Posted by Stellarvue on 26th Nov 2018

This Soul Nebula image was submitted to us by Charles Lillo. We’re thankful he’s allowing us to share this with the Stellarvue family. Charles wrote: The Soul Nebula (Westerhout 5) is an emission nebula located in the constellation Cassiopeia. It forms a famous pair known as the Heart and Soul with the neighboring Heart Nebula (IC 1805). The Soul Nebula is sometimes also known as the Embryo Nebula or IC 1848, which is a designation used for the open star cluster embedded within the nebula.

To “Own the Night” Charles used his Stellarvue SVA130T with reducer/flattener, Atlas Pro with Polmaster mount, and iOptron TriPier. Guiding - Borg 50mm with Orion Star-shoot, and sBig STF-8300m camera with FW8 filter wheel (filters: Baader 32mm LRGB, HA, SII, OIII). Acquistion: SGP. Processing with Maxim, PixInsight, and Photoshot (in that order).

Soul Nebula image copyright Charles Lillo