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VdB 123 - Jon Talbot

VdB 123 - Jon Talbot

Posted by Stellarvue on 3rd Aug 2020

This week’s StellarShot by Jon Talbot is of VdB 123. To “Own the Night” Jon imaged with his SVX152T. This is just an amazing image we’re happy to share. Jon, thanks for letting us share with the Stellarvue family. Here’s what Jon wrote about this image:

“This image is of the Serpens molecular cloud and the object VdB 123, a reflection nebula, along with several other objects. The object, VdB 123 is the blue refection cloud below center and below the bright blue star. This entire area is dusty and reddened by dust through extinction. This was imaged during the month of July from my hot, humid, sea level backyard. I really love the Vdb reflection nebula and dark dusty areas and it’s a challenge from a sea level and light polluted area but with enough exposure time its definitely possible.”

SVX 152T, QSI 683WSG8, Astrodon Gen II filters, 3 hrs Luminance, 7.16 hrs Red, 7 hrs Green, 7.5 hrs Blue binned 1x1.