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​"The Soul Nebula in the Hubble Palette" (IC 1848) - by Alex Roberts (February 12, 2021)

​"The Soul Nebula in the Hubble Palette" (IC 1848) - by Alex Roberts (February 12, 2021)

Posted by Stellarvue StellarShot on 12th Feb 2021

Congratulations to this week's StellarShot of the Week, which was captured and processed by Alex Roberts using his SVX102T, ZWO ASI1600MM-P, and the Sky-Watcher USA EQ8-R Pro. This particular rendition of the Soul Nebula was done in the traditional Hubble Palette, which involves blending the Sulphur-II line as red, the H-alpha line as green, and the Oxygen-III line as blue. The blue-orange coloration seen here is one of the classic resulting looks you can get from this type of blending, although some folks favor a more greenish/purplish look as well (and others still will occasionally go for more of a blue/silver look). We think this version of the Soul nebula is absolutely perfect though, with the stars as sharp as can be an the tones perfectly balanced with each other. The detail within the nebula is tack sharp so all of those clouds of gas and dust really hold their shape well, plus the dark lines of the nebula pop out beautifully and provide some really excellent contrast.

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The technical details of this shot are as follows:

  • Imaging telescope: Stellarvue SVX102T
  • Imaging camera: ZWO ASI1600MM Pro
  • Mount: SkyWatcher EQ8-R
  • Guide Scope: Stellarvue SVX102T
  • Guiding camera: ZWO ASI 224 MC Planetary Camera
  • Focal reducer: Stellarvue SFFR.74 Focal Reducer/Flattener
  • Software: DeepSkyStacker Lightroom Seqence Generator Pro Pixinsight Core version 1.8 PHD2.6.3dev7
  • Filters: Chroma OIII 5nm Chroma SII 5nm Chroma Ha 5nm
  • Accessories: PrimaluceLab Sesto Senso 2 Focuser ZWO EFW 36 mm Filter Wheel Orion Telescopes Thin Off Axis Guider