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SVX140T - Simeis 57

SVX140T - Simeis 57

Posted by Vic Maris on 26th Aug 2022

This SVX140T image was taken by Juan Marín Otero from within Washington DC, probably some of the worst conditions you can find. It is a bit over 30 hours of narrowband imaging and processed in a modified SHO palette.

The Propeller Nebula, also catalogued as Simeis 57 is an emission nebula that is part of the Cygnus X complex The southern "arm" is catalogued as DWB111 while the northern arm is DWB119. This whole area is very rich in HII regions and has a strong response with an Ha filter. The Cynus X complex lies around 4600 light years from Earth.

More information on this beautiful image is available on Astrobin.