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SVX080T-SV - Rose

SVX080T-SV - Rose

Posted by Nicola Beltraminelli on 30th Jan 2024

Nicola Beltraminelli reached deep to capture this awesome image of the Rosette Nebula (Caldwell 49) in Monceros with his SVX080T-3SV. This emission nebula is located in the Milky Way Galaxy, resting roughly 5,000 light-years away from Earth and is about 100 light-years across. Studded with a dense molecular cloud, it houses approximately 2,500 young stars.

According to Nicola:

This nebula "contains in the center, the open cluster NGC 2244, where hot young stars excite the gas of the nebula. The Rosette is located about 5,000 light years away and is about 100 light years across."

For more on this image visit Nicola's Astrobin.


Scope: SVX080T-3SV
Mount: 10 Micron GM2000 HPS II
Camera ASI6200MM
Chroma H-alpha 3nm Bandpass: 222×180″(11h 6′) (gain: 100.00) -20°C bin 1×1
Chroma OIII 3nm Bandpass: 173×180″(8h 39′) (gain: 100.00) -20°C bin 2×2
Chroma SII 3nm Bandpass: 154×180″(7h 42′) (gain: 100.00) -20°C bin 2×2
Integration: 27h 27′