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SV070T - Sagittarius Region of the Milky Way

SV070T - Sagittarius Region of the Milky Way

Posted by Stellarvue StellarShot on 3rd Sep 2021

Stellar Shot of the Week: September 03, 2021
"Sagittarius, Omega and the Eagle" (by James Negri)

Congratulations to this week's Stellar Shot selection, which goes to James Negri and his stunning mosaic from the Sagittarius region of the Milky Way. James took this shot with his SV70T and an ASI1600, but used six panels to achieve such a massive field of view. We strong recommend you head over to his Astrobin page to check out the full version (link below), as social media and even our website compress the image down to be more than 20x smaller of a file (meaning you're losing a lot of the glorious details he's compiled here). Even compressed its still a gorgeous image though, with a fantastic SHO blend that brings out more of the greenish/blue rather than the gold/orange and blue or grey and blue processing styles. The stars are so sharp they could cut you if you look to close, and everything from noise to vignetting to the blending of his mosaic panels seems to be absolutely perfect. Great work by James, and when you're done ogling at this particular image make sure to give the rest of his Astrobin account a look as well (under the username of "JamesR").

And please make sure to submit your own images to us by email as well (, or by tagging them with #stellarvue and #stellarshot.

  • Imaging telescope: Stellarvue SV70T
  • Imaging camera: ZWO ASI1600MM Pro
  • Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ6R-PRO
  • Guiding telescope: Astromania 50mm Guide Scope
  • Guiding camera: zwo asi224 mc
  • Focal reducer: Stellarvue SFFR-70APO
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop CC, DeNoise AI, SgPro, Pixinsight 1.8 core version (Ripley)
  • Filters: Astronomik O3 + S2 1.25" 6nm, Astrodon Ha 1.25" 5nm