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Soul Nebula – Brian Poole

Soul Nebula – Brian Poole

Posted by Stellarvue on 18th Apr 2019

This luminous image of the Soul Nebula in Hubble Palette is shared by Brian Poole. He “Owned the Night” with his 80mm Stellarvue triplet. Brian also shared a recent field shot in the desert with his camping gear in the background of his imaging gear. He noted being raised off of the ground is a good idea when there are snakes, scorpions, and tarantulas lurking in the dark. Brian also had this to say about the image: “For this image I drew a lot of inspiration as far as color goes from images produced by another Stellarvue user, Alan Pham. I'm really happy with how it turned out and honored to have it picked as the StellarShot of the week.”

Imaging telescope or lens: Stellarvue 80mm Triplet APO
Imaging camera: ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool
Mount: Orion Atlas AZ/EQ Pro
Guiding telescope or lens: Stellarvue F050G
Guiding camera: Orion Starshoot AutoGuider
Focal reducer: Stellarvue SFF6-25
Software: Neil Carboni Astronomy Action Tools for PhotoShop, Photoshop CC, DeepSkyStacker 3.3.4, PHD2 Guiding, Main Sequence Software Sequence Generator Pro
Filters: Optolong SII 6.5nm 1.25", Optolong H-alpha 7nm 1.25", Optolong OIII 6.5nm 1.25"

Images copyright of Brian Poole