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Sh2-115 & Sh2-116 in Ha & OIII - Douglas J Struble

Sh2-115 & Sh2-116 in Ha & OIII - Douglas J Struble

Posted by Stellarvue on 19th Dec 2019

This week's StllarShot was submitted by Douglas J Struble. To "Own the Night," Douglas used his trusted SVX102T-R and SV70T apos. The wide-field and detail of this image is something to admire for sure. We are always happy and proud to share Douglas' work with the Stellarvue family. We hope you enjoy and appreciate this terrific image.

Douglas wrote this about the image: 
Sh2-115 is a faint emission nebula cataloged by S.Sharpless in 1959. It is located in Cygnus, just 1 and 2 degrees northwest of Deneb, the brightest star of that constellation.

Sh2-116, or Abell 71, is the designation of the small round patch of emission nebulosity to the left of Sh2-115. It is also known as Sh2-116 and PK85+4.1. The latter being designated as a planetary nebula, but it has more recently been described as a small patch of emission nebula.

Integration Time: 25.4 Hours 
Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 7.00 
Completion Date: 12-18-19 
Location: Taylor, MI (EST) USA 
Imaging Telescope: Stellarvue SV70T & SVX102T-R 
Aperture: 70mm & 102mm 
Camera: ZWO ASI1600MM-Cooled 
Filters: Astronomik Ha and Astrodon Ha & OIII 
Software: SGP, PHD2, PixInsight & Photoshop

Image copyright Douglas J Struble at Future World Media; www.FutureWorldMedia.NET