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Rho Ophiuchi - Dennis Sprinkle

Rho Ophiuchi - Dennis Sprinkle

Posted by Stellarvue on 30th Aug 2019

This Week’s StellarShot is a 3 panel mosaic image of Rho Ophiuchi by Dennis Sprinkle. We love everything about this image with its contrast, subtle gradations, color, and depth. It seems like you could just float into and through it. It has a very majestic vibe that is captivating. To “Own the Night,” Dennis imaged with his 86mm astrograph from a remote Observatory. We hope you appreciate the hard work Dennis put into this image (we sure do). Here are the specifics about his image:

Rho Ophiuchi shot remotely from my system in Marathon Remote Imaging Observatory (MaRIO) in Marathon, TX.
Software used to capture image:
Sequence Generator Pro
Software used to edit:
3 Panel Mosaic.
Total data gathered:
(182) Subs @ 300secs - 1x1 @ Gain 2200
Camera : QHYCCD QHY128C
Telescope: Stellarvue SVQ86
Mount: AP Mach1GTO