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Pelican Nebula - Sean Molony

Pelican Nebula - Sean Molony

Posted by Stellarvue on 13th Feb 2019

Pelican Nebula image shared by Sean Molony

This stunning image was submitted to us by Sean Molony. To "Own the Night" Sean used his Stellarvue 130-mm EDT. Here's what Sean said:
" I really love the colors of this area of the sky. The HA and OIII really come out. Hope you like it."

Sean's set-up: Losmandy G11g mount, QSI 683 camera with HA 22x1200, OIII 31x1200, and SII 27x1200 filters. He imaged from his yard in Baton Rouge LA.

We are happy to share this with the Stellarvue family. Image copyright Sean M. Molony,