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Omega Centauri - Jason Matter

Omega Centauri - Jason Matter

Posted by Stellarvue on 3rd May 2019

This dense star cluster image of Omega Centauri was submitted by Jason Matter. To "Own the Night" Jason used his 130mm Stellarvue triplet. We are happy to share this striking image with the Stellarvue family. Jason has shared with us in the past, and we hope he continues to share his work with us all in the future. We hope you are as impressed as we are with the way this image draws you into the cluster.

Image copyright Jason Matter,

Scope: Stellarvue 130
Camera: Fli ML8300 with CFW2-7 and Astrodon Filters
180 sec subs binned x2 R,G,B and 300 sec subs Lum
Pixinsight / Photoshop - Integration
Combined and processed in Pixinsight
Taken 4/28/19