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NGC 2170 Region in Monoceros - Jon Talbot

NGC 2170 Region in Monoceros - Jon Talbot

Posted by Stellarvue on 22nd Mar 2019

This amazing image was submitted by Jon Talbot. We are honored and happy to share this with the Stellarvue family. To "Own the Night" Jon used his 152mm Stellarvue triplet apo refractor.

The Veil Nebula is a cloud of heated and ionized gas and dust in the constellation Cygnus. It constitutes the visible portions of the Cygnus Loop (radio source W78, or Sharpless 103), a large but relatively faint supernova remnant. The source supernova exploded some 5,000 to 8,000 years ago, and the remnants have since expanded to cover an area roughly 3 degrees in diameter (about 6 times the diameter, or 36 times the area, of the full moon). The distance to the nebula is not precisely known, but Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE) data supports a distance of about 1,470 light-years.[2]

This image is a mosaic of 4 panels in LRGB taken with a SBIG STL full frame camera and 6 panels of 3nm Narrow Band images taken with a QSI 583 camera on a Stellarvue SVS130 f5 refractor.
The narrow band data was merged with the LRGB data in PS CC using spectral mapping.

Image Details
Optics : Stellarvue SV 152T triplet refractor
Mount: Paramount MYT
Camera: QSI 583
Filters: Astrodon 31mm LRGB
Exposure: LRGB: 170:180:160:190
Camera/Mount Control: The Sky X, CCD Auto Pilot 5
Guiding: SX Lodestar
Processing: PixInsight 1.8, PS CC
Location: Star Dust Ranch, Okeechobee, FL

NGC-2170 Image copyright Jon Talbot