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NGC 1333 - Jon Talbot

NGC 1333 - Jon Talbot

Posted by Stellarvue on 7th Feb 2020

This week's StellarShot was submitted by our friend Jon Talbot. We look forward to seeing Jon's work, and hope you do too. To "Own the Night," Jon used his SVX152T, and he is enjoying its performance.

Jon wrote this when submitting: "Attached is a newly processed image of the beautiful star forming region in Perseus called NGC 1333. NGC 1333 is part of the Perseus molecular cloud complex and lies approx 1000 light years distant. NGC 1333 contains many contrasts in color. The blue reflection nebula near the top is from reflected star light. Within the denser dust are bright red Herbig-Haro objects and several other red emission objects along with other more orange reflection nebula. Also within NGC 1333 are hundreds of newly formed stars less than 1 million years old which can't be seen with optical scopes due to the dense dust."


The image was taken with the SVX 152T at the native focal length of f8 or 1200mm using a QSI 683 WSG8 camera through Luminance, Red, Green, Blue and Ha filters. Total exposure time was 32.6 hrs from suburban Bortle 5 skies.

NGC 1333 image copyright Jon Talbot,