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NGC 1333 - Dave Weixelman

NGC 1333 - Dave Weixelman

Posted by Stellarvue on 28th Jan 2019

Dave Weixelman submitted this image with permission to share it with the Stellarvue family. Dave used his SV70T to “Own the Night.” Dave wrote:

“This is the reflection nebula NGC 1333 in Perseus taken with the Stellarvue SV70T and QSI 660 WSG camera using LRGB filters. Total exposure time was 5.5 hours on November 11-12, 2018. The bluish reflection nebula is visible as well as tight knots of bright red known as Herbig-Haro objects. These red regions are the result of narrow jets of ionized gas racing away at high speeds from very young stars and colliding with nearby dust and gas. Josh Walawender has published on these objects. I think it is interesting that a small scope of 70 mm can record these fascinating Herbig-Haro jets in deep sky objects.”

NGC 1333 image copyright of Dave Weixelman.