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NEAF 2017

Posted by Stellarvue on 23rd Mar 2017

Announcing New Apochromatic Refractors at NEAF 2017!


Are you planning on attending the Northeast Astronomy Forum in Suffern, NY? Come by the Stellarvue booth and meet Vic Maris and our production manager, Alex Mayer! Also, you'll get a chance to see our newest apochromatic refractors.

"NEAF is a world renowned symposium for astronomy and space enthusiasts. Held just outside of New York City, at the RCC campus of the State University of NY, it is the world’s prëeminent conference for award winning Talks, Workshops, Classes, and Seminars. It’s an annual gathering of more than 4,000 professionals, amateurs, educators and students all coming together to share interests, ideas, and passions.

Additionally, NEAF brings together over 100 vendors and exhibitors from around the world, representing every major manufacturer and dealer in the business, which also makes it one of the largest trade shows and collaborative venues of its kind in the world, not to mention an enthusiast’s shopping paradise for all your astronomy gear needs.

Started in 1991 by the Rockland Astronomy Club as an outreach project, NEAF quickly grew into a world renowned meeting place for amateurs and professionals to gather and share ideas through lectures, workshops, Pro/Am conferences, classes, and informal gatherings. For over a quarter century, NEAF is a true ‘Forum’ of interests for anyone who has gazed upward to the night sky and found a curiosity to understand the cosmos that lies beyond our own pale blue dot.

NEAF Talks is held throughout the course of the conference in the beautiful 600 seat Performing Arts Center on campus. Each year NEAF Talks searches the globe for the most relevant personalities who are making space, science and astronomy history to bring you an all-star line-up of amazing guests.

Nowhere else can you find such an exciting array of programs brought together in one place and at one time.

If Space and Astronomy interest you, then attending NEAF‘s a must.

See NEAF live- visit\NEAF for more information or to buy tickets."