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M92 - Jon Talbot

M92 - Jon Talbot

Posted by Stellarvue on 31st May 2019

Jon sent us his latest image of the star cluster to share. Jon used his new SVX152T-WR35 to “Own the Night.” He also sent this:
Here is an image of M92, an often overlooked globular. I took this at home during moonlight several weeks ago as globulars often stand up well to a brighter sky. I’m thrilled with the pinpoint stars. This high strehl lens is pretty darn awesome. This image was done at F8 with the SFF3 flattener. Its 225min of Red, 155 min of Green and 165min of Blue using 5min subframes. This image is the full resolution version although I cropped it a bit to better highlight M92. 
Image copyright Jon Talbot

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