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M8/M20 - Ed Lubat

M8/M20 - Ed Lubat

Posted by Stellarvue on 3rd Aug 2020

This week's StellarShot of M8/M20 was submitted to us by Ed Lubat. To "Own the Night" Ed used his SVX80T-3SV with our .74 reducer. We are very proud to share this with the Stellarvue family, and hope you appreciate the image as much as we do. Ed also said this: “I don't really consider myself an expert, but as far as I can tell, the stars are truly round from corner to corner, and the images look great, so I love it for photography.”

M8/M20 was acquired on 7/3-4/2019. The flattener was used (FL 480mm). Stack of 49 frames, each 180 seconds long. No guiding used.
Telescope: Stellarvue SVX80T-3SV (3” focuser)
Mount: Paramount MX
Acquisition software: TheSkyX
Camera: ZWO ASI071 (OSC, so no filters)
Processed using PixInsight

M8-M20 image copyright Ed Lubat,