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M39 - Jason Matters

M39 - Jason Matters

Posted by Stellarvue on 3rd Dec 2018

This week’s M39 image was submitted to us by Jason Matters. We felt this one had a holiday-card look to it with the stylized star bursts from a filter used (‘tis the season’). It is also unique for a M39 image because the main stars seem isolated, which makes them stand out even with out the affect. To “Own the Night,” Jason used his Stellarvue 130mm refractor.

We are happy to share this image with the Stellarvue family. The details for his set-up: Fli ML8300 camera, CFW2-7 and Astrodon filters. 180 second subs RGB integrated in Pixinsight and Photoshop processed in Pixinsight.

M39 image copyright of Jason Matter