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M33 LHaRGB - Jon Talbot

M33 LHaRGB - Jon Talbot

Posted by Stellarvue on 3rd Aug 2020

This incredible image was shared with us from one of our long time friends, Jon Talbot. He writes:

Here is the image of M33 I took with the SVX152T at f8 using the SFF3 flattener and QSI 683 camera. This resulted in a resolution of .9 arcsec/pixel. I’m pretty amazed at the tiny blue individual stars within the clusters. These are supergiants within the galaxy and are individually resolved. This is the best resolution and color fidelity on this tiny objects I’ve seen with anything I’ve images with. The nebula look pretty amazing too at this resolution. Make sure you look at the image on a rather large monitor at full resolution.

The image is a LHaRGB composite. It's made up of 360min of Luminance bin 1x1, 300min of Red, 290min of Green, 280min of Blue and 660 min of Ha binned 2x2.