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Jellyfish Nebula - Doug Lalla

Jellyfish Nebula - Doug Lalla

Posted by Stellarvue on 15th Mar 2019

This incredible image of the Jellyfish Nebula (IC443), was submitted to us by Doug Lalla. To "Own the Night" Doug used his Stellarvue 130mm apo triplet. We are happy and proud to share this with you. Here's what Doug sent for us to share:

IC 443 is the remains of super Nova explosion, interacting with a local molecular gas cloud. Unlike many common named Nebula, I think this really looks like it is swimming through space. It lies about 5000 lyr from us and also contains a neutron star pulsar. 

IC 443, the Jellyfish Nebula, is a 5 frame mosaic consisting of 35 frames, 6 X LRGB (180 sec); 5 X HA (600 sec). The Jelly Fish, section was taken first 3 X LRGB Ha, then the 4 Panel Mosaic background was taken with 1 X LRGB Ha. After some processing with Pixinsight 1.8, the panels were combined with Astro Pixel Processer and then further processed with Pixinsight 1.8 and ACDsee 10.

This image was taken on March 6th with a: Stellarvue SV130 and 0.72 Field Reducer/Flattener, Starlightxpress SX-694 camera, Astrodon filters, on a Parmount MYT mount, in Mayhill, NM.
Image copyright 2019 Doug Lalla