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​"IC410 The Tadpole Nebula" - by Bill Brown (January 29, 2021)

​"IC410 The Tadpole Nebula" - by Bill Brown (January 29, 2021)

Posted by Stellarvue StellarShot on 29th Jan 2021

Stellar Shot of the Week: January 29, 2021
"IC410 The Tadpole Nebula" - by Bill Brown

Congratulations to this week's StellarShot of the Week, which goes to Bill Brown and his image of the Tadpole Nebula in the heart of IC410. This image was chosen for its outstanding rendition of the details in these rather-small structure, as well as for the immaculate color processing and balancing. This is textbook Hubble Pallet image, with the blues, oranges, and blacks all in a wonderful balance. Even the star color is handled well, with the usual H-alpha bloat very well taken care of. The 8300 sensor has been around for what feels like an eternity in technological time scales, but this image is undeniable proof the there's nothing old about the results when in the hands of a skilled astrophotographer. This camera and our SVA130T are an outstanding combo in terms of pixel scale as well, and when paired with an AP Mach1 GTO you've got a dream setup! Thanks to Bill for giving us permission to share his image and we recommend you all check out the rest of his work on Astrobin (username "wdbrown0758").

Make sure to submit your own images to us directly by email, or by tagging them with #stellarvue and #stellarshot

The technical details of this shot are as follows:

  • Telescope: SVA130T
  • Mount: AP Mach-1
  • Camera SBIG 8300M; -20 C
  • Guide Camera: OAG with Loadstar
  • Filters: 3nm Astrodon Ha, SII and OIII
  • Acquisition: 20 min subs, 15 hours of Ha, 10 hours of SII and 10 hours of OIII
  • Post-Processing: Pixinsight
  • The image was acquired in Arnold, CA