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IC 2177 (Seagull Nebula) – Bill Clugston

IC 2177 (Seagull Nebula) – Bill Clugston

Posted by Stellarvue on 10th Apr 2019

This beautiful IC 2177 image was submitted to us by Bill Clugston. He imaged this in February of this year from Tucson, Arizona. To "Own the Night" Bill used his Stellarvue SV80T. We are thankful and proud Bill has allowed us to share with the Stellarvue family. Bill mentioned it was his first time transporting all his imaging gear on an airline before setting up in Tucson. Looks like he was very successful by the results. We hope you love it as much as we do. Here are the specifics:

Contains: NGC 2343, NGC 2335, IC 2177
Imaging telescope or lens: Stellarvue SV80
Guide scope: converted 50mm Celestron finder scope
Imaging camera: ZWO ASI294MC PRO
Mount: iOptron CEM25P
Guiding camera: Starlight Express Lodestar X2
Focal reducer: Stellarvue SFF3-25 Large Field Flattener
Software: PixInsight 1.8
Dates: Feb. 24, 2019
Frames: Ir pass: 21x600" (gain: 200.00) -20C bin 1x1
Integration: 3.5 hours
Darks: ~25
Flats: ~50
Bias: ~50

Image copyright Bill Clugston