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IC 2167, IC 2169 - Ken Walker

IC 2167, IC 2169 - Ken Walker

Posted by Stellarvue on 3rd Aug 2020

This StellarShot was submitted to us by Ken Walker. We just love it and hope you will to (it is Valantine's Day after all). To "Own the Night" Ken used his SVX102T-R. Here's what Ken wrote about about the image:

This image, IC2167 and IC2169 Located in the Constellation of Monoceros isn’t as popular as its neighbor the cone nebula. It’s not as often imaged yet it is full of dark nebula (LDN1605 LDN1606 and LDN1607) and of course the blue reflection nebulas scattered about the area. It is approximately 2500 light years from earth.


136x300" ISO 800
Canon EOS60d self-modified (clear glass) with an Astronomik L2 luminance filter
Stellarvue SVX102T-R
Losmandy G11 guided
Location: Southern New Mexico
IC 2167, IC 2169 image copyright Ken Walker