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​"Firebird in Space" (IC 2177 - The Seagull Nebula) - by Alex Roberts (April 23, 2021)

​"Firebird in Space" (IC 2177 - The Seagull Nebula) - by Alex Roberts (April 23, 2021)

Posted by Stellarvue StellarShot on 23rd Apr 2021

Stellar Shot of the Week: April 23, 2021
"Firebird in Space" (IC 2177 - The Seagull Nebula) (by Alex Roberts)

Congratulations to this week's Stellar Shot selection, which goes to Alex Roberts and his fantastc shot of the Seagull Nebula (which we agree is defintiely more of a phoenix than a seagull). For those unfamiliar with Alex's work he has an absolutely prolific account on Astrobin under the username "Arcturus19", and we're thrilled to see how much he's accomplished with our SVX102T. This particular image of the Seagull Nebula was taken a few months back with a ZWO ASI1600MM-P and a full suite of narrowband filters from Chroma. As always we're blown away by the detail and the colors Alex is able to bring out, so congratulations again to him on a job very well done.

Please make sure to submit your own images to us directly by email too, or by tagging them with #stellarvue and #stellarshot

The technical details of this shot are as follows:

  • Imaging telescope: Stellarvue SVX102T
  • Imaging camera: ZWO ASI1600MM Pro
  • Mount: SkyWatcher EQ8-R
  • Guiding telescope: Stellarvue SVX102T
  • Guiding camera: ZWO ASI 224 MC Planetary Camera
  • Focal reducer: Stellarvue SFFR.74 Focal Reducer/Flattener
  • Software: DeepSkyStacker, Lightroom, Seqence Generator Pro, Pixinsight Core version 1.8, PHD2.6.3dev7
  • Filters: Chroma OIII 5nm, Chroma SII 5nm, Chroma Ha 5nm
  • Accessories: ZWO EFW 36 mm Filter Wheel, PrimaluceLab Sesto Senso 2 Focuser, Orion Telescopes Thin Off Axis Guider